When it comes to flying, today’s executives want it all. They demand the same level of operational quality that they require of their own organizations. And beyond that, they are increasingly demanding the kind of anticipatory, personalized service they’ve come to expect from luxury hotels and top-rated restaurants.

For some business leaders, the search for smarter, better business travel often leads to private aviation and dedicated business aircraft. One private aviation operator in particular, NetJets, is meeting evolving demands for service, safety and efficiency in business travel through its ongoing commitment to innovations fueled by data-driven intelligence.

Frantic Studio created this video program as a companion to WSJ Custom Studios hub on the future of business travel. We had a great time in Ohio with our friends at NetJets. It was fun climbing aboard these luxurious planes and learning about the cutting edge technology used to make the operation run. One of our crew even got to fly a simulator. I wonder what a Frantic logo would look like on the side of one of these beauties ?