Frantic Studio approaches each new client relationship with questions.  (We’ll bring the snacks!)  A clear understanding of the client’s vision and voice is an essential step in finding the strongest, most compelling way to convey that message. We like to take the time in the beginning so we can get it right the first time.


We like a challenge, and that ‘Eureka!” moment - when we hit on a creative solution to a tricky problem - is why we do what we do. 

We create content that resonates

Stories that strike an emotional chord are effective. We find the universality in your message and create compelling ways to communicate it.

From start-ups to established businesses, the diversity of our client base has afforded us a wide range of intriguing challenges. With years of experience in many mediums, David and Julie instinctively know how best to tell each story most effectively.





David Sutton Principal/Director

After racking up years of experience (and awards) working in film and television - MTV Networks, Shooting Gallery, and Agency Organic, to name just a few - David decided to strike out on his own. Trading job security for complete artistic freedom and the opportunity to choose clients and projects that excited him, it was a gamble that paid off. Joined by his wife, photographer Julie Hassett-Sutton, Frantic Studio has become one of the industry’s top studios, creating award-winning spots for their clients. David also creates video art that has been featured at Brooklyn’s Mastel+Mastel Gallery and the Recontres Internationales in Paris and Berlin. (You can follow him at Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/tumblr)



Julie brings extensive experience in photography and a strong desire to make a difference to Frantic Studio.  A genius multi-tasker, Julie has taken thinking outside the box to a whole new level. Her position as photo editor at Judy Casey, Inc., contributed to her unique ability to solve problems creatively. She credits her years of working in various non-profits with developing an increasing awareness of social injustice and the means to effect change. She co-founded The Identity Shift Project, a non-profit that uses art to change perspective and perception. As Co-Director at Frantic Studio, Julie has managed to combine her great loves: photography, art, David and their daughter.  (Er… not in that order.) Also check out her personal work.