The inception of this video came in to us the long way around =) Frantic Studio was working and creating the original branded content video(s) featured below. It was great fun, we used real New Yorkers to hold  "I heart NY" signs and we traveled all over the state (meeting great people). While all this was happening, my friend Pete Miser was writing and reimagining "New York, New York" for director Alex Gibney. Pete asked me to shoot a music video for him. I was glad to do it. I laughed and mentioned that this would be perfect for this project I am working on for Delta Air Lines.  I never got it out of my mind, how well I thought the two projects would work together. The opportunities for branded content storytelling are everywhere. I like being open to the possibilities. ds



Pete Miser is a Brooklyn-based Hip Hop artist, producer and DJ. His obsession with Hip Hop culture began in the unlikely city of Portland, Oregon and has landed him on the Late Show with David Letterman, the Tonight Show, the live stages of MTV2 and several dozen countries around the world. He has produced tracks with and for artists ranging from Chuck D, to Melanie Fiona to Pete Rock to Reggae Dancehall legend, Half Pint. 

In addition to his work for album release, Pete is an accomplished composer of music for picture. He has created original music for feature films including Freakonomics, Everything Is Illuminated, Planet Bboy and The House I Live In. His commercial work has supported brands as diverse as Bacardi, Nike, Revlon and the New York Knicks. Most recently, Pete Miser and co-composer, Peter Nashel teamed up with Jay Z’s Rocnation to create the original score for the new CBS television series, NYC 22.

Maya Azucena, a multi-award winning recording artist and  inspirational woman, is known for making music that uplifts the soul. Born & raised in Brooklyn, she travels the world empowering others through her songs. Featured as a coach, mentoring a teenager on MTV's Made, Ms. Azucena also garnered a Grammy Certificate for contributing her 4-octave range and soul-stylings to a feature performance with Stephen Marley on his album "Mind Control," which won Grammy for Best Reggae Album.