Frantic Studio proposes to create a 3 to 4 minute HD video that passionately explores the artistry and engineering of Steinway & Sons' world's finest high resolution player piano. The viewer will take a journey through the remarkable technology of both the piano and interface, explained simply and elegantly. Although primarily a features and function video program, quality and luxury will be the common thread. Sharing the stage, both the Spirio piano and the iPad interface will take the spotlight. After a beautiful establishing shot; detailed, moving cinematic macros of the piano with motion graphic text call-outs will be displayed. The video will move seamlessly between video and interface animation, all the while a friendly, knowledgable voiceover leads a captivating tour. The video program will leave the viewer knowledgable, enthusiastic and motivated to buy Spirio. 



Frantic Studio will work with Steinway & Sons to create both a script and storyboard for the Spirio video. This is an important step in the process to creating a successful demonstration video. Our hand rendered images with a comp script assure all stakeholders of the story and flow. The final script will be approved in the post-production process. Once the storyboard is approved, the shoot day will be planned, including (but not limited to) hiring cinematographer, lighting, hair and makeup etc. plus a call sheet, shot list and any other preparations to ensure a successful day of filming. Below are examples of a script and storyboard:




The proposed video will be shot on a RED Dragon 4K cinema camera with an experienced cinematographer directed by David + Julie Sutton. Camera dollies and rails will be implemented as needed as well as grip and lighting. Filming at the Manhattan showroom for one full day, the crew will work efficiently from shot to shot of proposed scenes and action that could include (but not limited to): The Spirio piano (both wide and close), on screen talent interacting with both the piano and the iPad interface, Spirio simultaneously playing with a large video screen featuring a Steinway Immortal artist performing, a Steinway artist recording in the Spirio studio.



Frantic Studio will craft an engaging, beautiful video by editing, color correcting, creating graphics, animation and recording a voice over, plus music supplied by Steinway & Sons. Two full rounds of client edits and notes are included in this proposal, with the completed HD video delivered to the client's digital specifications on the third and final round. Below are examples of interface, transition and graphics treatments that could be implemented into the proposed video. The interface example shows the possibilities for the Spirio iPad section, the transition examples illustrate how the video might get from live action to animation (or from Duke Ellington vintage video performance to Frantic Studio shot Spirio footage) and the graphics examples show how features could be called out with text and graphics.







To the right is a cost estimate for the proposal above. Frantic Studio is very excited by the possibility of creating this video for Steinway & Sons. The Spirio high resolution player piano is as remarkable as it is incredible and we are enthusiastically dedicated to sharing this wonder with the world.